Welcome to the Roberto's Pizza Family

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I am a first generation Mexican-American. I am the second person in my family born in America. My mom and her seven siblings came from Guadalajara Mexico to start a new life in Santa Monica California. My mom was only nineteen when she had me, and growing up in LA in the '80s with a big family taught me the value of hard work and respect. Along with that came lots of family recipes. When my mom remarried we moved across the country to idyllic Berkshire County where life was very different. Sheffield's Miller Ave was in stark contrast to my humble beginnings in California. No matter my environment creativity always followed me- whether it was inventing a new wrestling move or designing menu boards. My work ethic and artistic vision combine to make me the entrepreneur that I am today. There are no easy roads to success: the only path to success is to double down on your own strengths and hustle.

My career started when I was 16 at the oldest inn in the Berkshires and that's where my love of hospitality was born. I excelled through the ranks quickly, maybe a little too quickly, as I was more focused on performing magic tricks for the diners than serving the food. Since then, I've put in some long hours as a sous chef and more recently was involved with four successful start-ups. Through these projects I have honed my skills with my forte being operations and logistics. During this pandemic I took my knowledge and skills to New York where I met my pizza guru. Together we perfected a recipe that I am excited to bring back to the Berkshires. I can't remember a time when I wasn't cooking- my Ama (grandmother) introduced me to food at an early age and it has remained my passion ever since. It will be my honor to bring pizza and community to Sheffield and to the Berkshires.